reorganizing one room at a time

Last week I got to work on my list of things I want to accomplish in the house before I go back to work.  I started with the pantry.  My budget was $50, all of which I happily spent at the container store.  How I kept it to only $50, who knows.  My goal for the pantry was to organize, putting those items we use all the time on easy reach areas and those things we don’t ever use high up.  Also organize our food to make creating a grocery list more manageable   I also wanted to be resourceful and use the items we have around the house.  So here is what our pantry looked like before.

So many problems.  Messy chip bags, empty glass containers, a huge trash can we use for our recycling, a sweeper right in the middle preventing us from getting to anything conveniently and frankly just food stacked upon food in no real systematic order.  It’s driving me crazy.  I can’t tell you how many times I bought peanut butter only to find a jar stashed away on another shelf.

So first thing I did was to just clear out the pantry.  I also took the opportunity to organize some of our other cabinets and of course Mr. Bark was there to help me every step of the way.  Barkley’s favorite room is the kitchen.  He just waits for something to drop, edible or not…and he has mastered the puppy dog face.

I then gave the shelves a quick wipe down and began organizing and putting like items together. Then took my $50 and went to the container store.  I couldn’t wait to spend this money.  The three things I bought were a bin for our recycling, a wire container for our potatoes/onions and a basket for our oatmeal and granola bars.  Here’s how our pantry looks now.  Let’s start with the top, it’s kinda the most important.  Very top shelf is where I put all of our alcohol.  We are parents now, it’s time we start being responsible and keeping this out of reach of any child entering our house.  The other top side is our George Foreman grill and pressure cooker.  I may be the only 26 year old I know who has a pressure cooker but man it makes those ribs tasty.  I then put our paper products and huge griddle on the shelves below.

Next I designated a shelf to baking and one to pasta.  Although ignore that crisco on the pasta shelf, it was moved back up.  I also managed to find clips for all our chip bags and make them much less overpowering.

See my new potato and recycling containers?  So much better than the huge trash can.  I also plan on putting some kind of label on the baking jars.  The two huge jars in the back were from my popcorn shower my sister threw me and the other containers we received from our wedding.  I’m thinking about etching the glass but nothing set in stone yet.

I also put our paper products in one of these baskets I had lying around the house.  Note to expecting mothers, register for baskets and use them in other places around the house.  You will be surprised at how many baskets you will receive.  I registered for 2, I think we got close to 10. Score!

Here’s the other side of the pantry.  Breakfast items and crackers on top shelf and cans on the other shelves. What’s amazing to me is that I did not throw out anything from our old pantry in this process and yet just organizing made our pantry seem like it was low and needed re-stocked.

Here’s an up close of the basket I found at the Container Store.  It fits all of our granola bars and oatmeal well.

So there it is, our organized pantry.  Not much to really rave about but I can now sleep soundly at night, well at least until Liam wakes up hungry.

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