To Do List for the Next 2 Months

I only have two months left of maternity leave.  These first two months went incredibly fast.  Well now with Liam on a routine, I am getting more time to do some things around the house, like clean.  Although if it doesn’t stop raining, that’s all I’ll be doing.  Barkley tracks in so much mud every time he goes out.

I am creating this list of projects I want to accomplish around the house by the time I go back to work.  Nothing too ambitious but I know I need to get some of this done for the simple fact that my sisters wedding will be here before you know it, which means the bridal showers I am hosting at my house  will be here even sooner.  And it looks as if I will have ACL surgery this summer so there is four weeks of being bedridden.

This list is more of a  reminder and motivation factor than anything.

-organize pantry
-remove wallpaper border from dining room
-paint dining room
-wainscot dining room
-find buffet for dining room
-remove wallpaper border from living room
-paint living room
-paint laundry room
-add counter to laundry room
-find a new cabinet for laundry room

This list doesn’t look overwhelming or even contain that many items, I just need to get my butt in gear and start on these things.  I am fortunate enough for Liam to sleep 3 hours in the middle of the day which will give me time to tackle some of these.

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