Vase Makeover Attempt #2

I’m dancing to this song as I write this post.

Why? Because the vase I made over this week I found at Goodwill.  I bought it awhile back and painted it a blue color.
Truth is, I don’t like the color.  When I originally bought the blue spray paint, I thought it would be a lighter blue but it turned out to be royal blue.  It reminds me of high school.  Our colors were blue and white.  I don’t want to go back in time and reminisce and that is what this vase makes me do.  Hence this vase needed a makeover.  I grabbed some acrylic paint from my stash and got to work.  I used a small foam brush to apply the paint.  I tried a bunch of different brushes but found this one to work best.  It covered a large area and no brush strokes.
I didn’t paint the whole thing white.  My thought was to do a dipped look.  I ended up doing four coats of white paint to cover up the dark blue.  Once dry, I broke out some frog tape and string headphone cord to tape off a line.  Here is where my laziness comes in.  I didn’t want to search our house for string.  Since the move I can’t seem to find anything when I need it so I grabbed the closest thing to me, Andy’s headphones.  I wrapped it around the vase and used frog tape to hold it in place.
Once the wire/string was in place, I used frog tape to tape me a border.
Once the tape was in place, I grabbed Martha Stewart Metallic acrylic paint in Champagne color.  I used the same technique to paint it as the white, using the same foam brush.  I applied three coats with additional touch up in certain areas.  Here is the finished product.
I love it.  It’s very Kate Spade versus Nate Berkus with a touch of Pottery Barn.  And of course I needed something to go in it so I simply went out back and found some branches.  I also grabbed some mini pom poms I had (originally bought for a Christmas decoration last year and just remembered I had them in my stash of craft projects) and some hot glue and gave the branches some extra dimension.
Here are some more pictures.  Looking back, not realizing how red our fireplace brick really is, I should have used thicker branches and bigger pom poms or even cotton balls to make a bigger impact.  

So there it is, my second attempt at making over this vase.  It’s so much better with the white and gold.  Lesson learned, if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

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