Christmas Cards to Save the Dates

Since Liam’s arrival, I haven’t really had the time to tackle any of those big DIY projects we have on our list, like removing wallpaper or even painting.  So I’ve come to gather my goodwill purchases and got to work on those small projects that I’ve had on my list for quite some time.

Here is our desk in the kitchen.  Very blah and there definitely needs to be something in that huge open space on the wall.  I do have future plans to paint our kitchen cabinets but in the meantime, I’m sticking to the small projects, in this case, filling that hiatus.

Note that I did this project before Liam’s arrival.  I was trying to find small craft projects to fill my time while I waited for him to make his arrival.  Since at the time, we were getting so many Christmas cards, I decided I would make a board to hold them.  In an effort to avoid hearing the question “when are you due?”, I raided my supplies and came across a canvas and some ribbon.

I decided not to paint the canvas since it would be covered with Christmas cards.  So I just started wrapping the ribbon tightly around the canvas and used small nails to hold it in place.

Since I also didn’t decorate much for Christmas this year, I was excited to use red and give some color to this kitchen, a color other than brown that is.

And here it is partially filled with Christmas cards.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas is receiving Christmas cards in the mail.  It’s like a present everyday.  Oh and that Santa in the picture is actually a book, his stomach opens to reveal a small Christmas story.  It was Liam’s Christmas present from one of his great-grandmothers.

So once Christmas was over, I needed a new something for this space.  I decided to make a calendar.  Since I’m home more often now and don’t use my outlook calendar as much as I use to (since I don’t log on to outlook when I’m not working), a calendar was just what I needed to add some organization to my life.  Now was the decision as to do a bulletin board calendar or a dry erase calendar or just a simple paper calendar.  Since Pinterest has dry erase calendars streaming every one’s news feed, I decided on that option.  I raided my stash of picture frames and scrapbook paper supply.

I made some measurements and cut out a bunch of squares and decided on a hue that I liked.
And here is the finished product.  I love it.  It’s also very convenient for Andy to add things to it like basketball games etc. 

Here is an up close.  One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more organized and get this house organized.  This is a good start.

Anyone else making steps to become more organized in the current year?

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