House Tour

We moved into our house 2 months ago.  I feel like we’ve been here longer but with everything going on (aka caring for a newborn), we are a little slow in getting started with making this house ours.  We did get Liam’s room done though (that post to come soon).  As you will see soon, every room in this house has wallpaper border, which make us a little hesitant to even start painting because removing wallpaper is not a quick task.

Even though we’ve only been in this home for two months and have not done much to it (not even cleaned it as thoroughly as I would have liked), it feels more like home than our last house.  I loved our first home but I think it’s the fact that this home is closer to our parents makes it feel more us.  Our parents now stop by and it’s not out of there way like our first home was.  I also start to think about the memories Liam will have at this home and how he won’t have any recollection of a house prior to this, which makes this home even more special as we start making those memories as a family.

Here is a sketch of the floor plan for the first floor for easier following.
This is our entry way.  Beware as you go through this house, the previous owners loved the wallpaper border.  Fortunately it’s just wallpaper border and not the whole wall wallpapered (besides the laundry room).  The entry way is just a paint effect and not wallpaper thankfully.
This is our living room located to the left as you walk in the front door.
Living room in Progress
The living room opens up to the dining room.

There is a half bath on the first floor located to the right as you walk in the front door.

Here is our kitchen.  I’m not a huge fan of the color of the cabinets, the overhang, the black appliances, the back splash or the white linoleum floor but as this kitchen is new and in good shape, we will not be changing these for awhile.  In the meantime, I keep pinning kitchen ideas.

One of the things I loved about this house are the huge windows and windows that go from floor to ceiling.  It brings in a lot of light which I love.

Our kitchen is semi-open to our family room.  I also have big plans for this in the future. The half wall is a load bearing wall but I would eventually like to hire a contractor and then that wall removed and a header put in so it can be a truly open floor plan.

See what I mean about the windows that go from ceiling to floor? LOVE! The only bad thing is when a deer walks through the yard at 4am and Barkley goes crazy barking at it.  Fortunately Liam is immune to Barkley’s bark and sleeps right through it #sothankful.

We also have big plans for this room.  Can you say built-ins and a sectional?  Although we are broke so this will probably take us about 10 years.

Another selling point to the house is this sun room that is actually an all-purpose room with glass windows and a built-in heater.  We have no furniture for this room currently but Barkley loves hanging out there in the winter.

Our laundry room, yep tons of wallpaper and it looks old which means it’s going to be a pain to take down.

And our backyard.  When we were looking for houses, our checklist included a large yard (you know for the future kiddos) but when we saw this backyard, we fell in love with how secluded it was.  There is still good space for a swing set, etc. but it’s nice not to have much grass to cut.

Master bedroom.  Hello wallpaper border.

Master bath. I hate the half wall between the master and the master bath.  It’s like those houses where people put up gates at the end of the driveway but do not have a fence around the property.  I don’t get it.  I want to build this wall up or something.  Andy doesn’t mind it so I know we won’t ever do anything about it for a very very long time.

Here is bedroom one that we turned into Liam’s room which you can check out here.

Bedroom two.

Upstairs bath.

Bedroom three.

Here is the basement.  Currently the most unoccupied space in the house.  There is a half bath down here but the toilet and the sink are not in the same room (which I would like to re-design in the future).  Although it’s wood paneling, I don’t mind it.  Don’t get me wrong, I want to paint it but there is something about the wood that give it a homey feel.

The one thing nice about this basement is the storage space.  Check out this storage room.  It currently needs organizing and we hope to put a good size work space down here so we can work on projects down here versus in the cold dark garage.  Plus it will give us more room in our garage and hide my hoarding tendencies from our neighbors.

We love this house and are so anxious to make it ours.  Let the adventures begin.

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