Christmas Decor Recap 2012

Unlike last year, we did not decorate much for Christmas.  My decorating was purely pre-baby and only happened because I needed something to do while waiting on Liam to make his arrival.  So this post is just to recap our 2012 decorations.

To start with the tree, unlike last year, we only put up one tree this year.  And like last year, I wanted a different theme than the year before.  This year I went with blue, silver and white. Ignore the ugly brown wall color and border.  Like every other room in this house, we haven’t touched a single wall besides Liam’s nursery.

I also carried over this blue and silver theme into a table centerpiece.  Ironically, the bench I created earlier this year goes very well with this theme.  My favorite thing to use in a table centerpiece right now are the glass cheese ball covers. love love love.

I also brought out my stack of trees and added a blue tree with some yarn I picked up at Michaels.  Starting from the left, the first tree is white faux fur fabric glued onto a paper cone, next is the blue yarn tree which I simply wrapped a styrofoam cone with blue yarn, next tree I wrapped a styrofoam cone with yarn that had white balls placed every inch, and the last tree is a paper cone made from white paper from Michaels.  Also, talk about some awesome goodwill finds, the evergreen tree, the rocking horse and noel sign are all items I found on various trips to Goodwill.  Goodwill is probably the best place for Christmas decorations, especially after the holidays when people are cleaning up/getting rid of unwanted gifts.

I also made us some new stockings this year.  I wanted to go for a burlap look but when I went to go and buy the burlap, I didn’t like how hard it was so I found a happy medium with this fabric that gave a softer burlap appearance.  Also, I found these letters at JoAnn’s that I thought would look great on the stockings.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a letter “a” at any of the three JoAnn’s.  It was a project fail.  I was going to then take back the other two but Liam’s arrival made me forget to do a lot of things.

Here’s a close-up of the three.

And that is pretty much all I did to decorate for Christmas this year.  Not much to it and I was focusing on better and cuter things, like this baby boy. This was our Christmas card for the 2012 season.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas holiday this year, we sure did.

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