O Tomato Cage Tree

I love Christmas trees.  Ask my husband.  This year though I only decided to do one tree in our house (versus 2 last year).  If it were up to me, I would have a tree in every window of the house.  I only need time to acquire these and it will happen.  So after we put up our tree, I was still wanting another.  So after seeing all of the tutorials on Pinterest about using a tomato cage for a tree skeleton, I got on it.   This tomato cage I found at Lowe’s for only $1.50.  I also had some help.  He seems just as excited about this project as I do.  The grapevines really kept his attention.

I also picked up some grapevine at Michaels for $4 (don’t forget to use your coupons).

I first started by unraveling the grape vine and wrapping it around the tomato cage.  One grape vine fit the cage pretty well.

The vines were tied together by what seemed like a million metal ties.  Once I had it laid out on the tomato cage, I undid all of the ties and used my hands to spread the grapevine out.  I did keep the ties because they came in handy later in securing pieces of the grape vine to the cage once i had it spread out the way I wanted.

Warning, as you can tell below, this is a messy project.  Probably would have been better to do outside or in the garage but I’m lazy.  Also probably be better to do without your dog who is obsessed with sticks.  Barkley eventually took each and every vine that fell to the floor and ran with it throughout the house so not only did I have to clean up the kitchen but sweep every room of the house after.

After I had all of the vine in place like I wanted, I simply added the lights (we had these lying around the house so they didn’t cost me anything, although Hobby Lobby has all their Christmas lights 40% off right now so if you did need lights, they would only run you about $4 or so).

I originally wanted this tree for our front porch since we don’t have any Christmas decorations outside but what I didn’t realize was that there was no outlet out there.  I thought about running an extension cord from the garage to the porch but the other problem is that this tree is really light so unless I had a pot or something else to secure this tree to the porch, the wind would likely take it away.  So it ended up in our foyer.  I love it just as much.  Granted I would love it more if our walls were painted and all the yellow light switches were switched out for white and we got rid of all the brass hardware, but all that will come with time.  Don’t get me wrong, the paint isn’t bad, there is just so much brown tones in this house (from the walls to the wood floors (which I do love) to our kitchen cabinets.  Every room is covered with brown…or brass fixtures.

So there is our little tree that makes me so very happy.  Such a small and cheap project (only cost $5.50) that brings so much joy.

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