Days of Thanks: 16-20

#16: Humor.  Everyone says it’s healthy to laugh.  I’ve even learned over the years it’s healthy to laugh at yourself as well.  Some people have a great talent of being funny, I unfortunately am not one of those people…ask my husband.  Every time I make a joke, his response is “is that accounting humor?”  I love that though.  Laughter is healthy and I’m so thankful for those times in my life where I just fall over in pain from a funny joke (Kevin Hart probably has the biggest effect on me).  I’m glad I have a life where I can laugh.  I’m thankful that my life isn’t full of struggles and situations where it is hard for me to laugh at a situation.

#17: Tears.  Sometimes everyone needs a good cry.  I find it ironic that my #16 is humor and this thankful blessing is tears.  If you have interacted with me during this pregnancy, you know that I am full of emotions, many emotions that lead to tears.  It could be happy tears like hearing our baby’s heartbeat to tears for no reason like trying to sit through an episode of Walking Dead with Andy, thinking to myself how horrible their lives are.  But I do truly believe a good cry is healthy…I probably don’t need to cry as much as I do but I’m very hormonal.

#18: I am thankful that I had the opportunity to go to college and really just get the general education growing up that I did.  I had supportive parents, parents who pushed me to my limits.  I’ve volunteered in Over-the-Rhine and Price Hill schools where I have seen children with lots of potential but they don’t have that support, the teachers are worn out and the kids have given up.  Andy see’s it daily in his 8th grade classes.  Some of these children can’t even read that well.  They just fall behind and somehow (thanks to our education system) pass through to the next grade and the next thing you know, they have graduated high school and still struggle with the basics.  I am thankful that I was given the support of my teachers and family that allowed me to succeed at school.

#19: Memories.  It’s always fun to reminisce.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a good or a bad memory, they are all stories that have shaped me into the person I am today.  It’s especially fun to reminisce about childhood memories of my siblings and I playing tag or riding bikes.  Maybe I’m so sentimental now as baby Whipp is due in less than 4 weeks and I can’t wait for the memories he/she will make/have.

#20: Home.  Andy and I just moved into our second house.  What is funny is that this house feels more like home to both of us than our previous house that we lived in for 2+ years.  Maybe it’s the fact that this house is so much closer to our families (and doesn’t need quite as much work as our first house did).  Whatever it is, Andy and I finally feel at home every time we come home.  There is just something about having a place to call home and that feels like home.  It gets me all warm and fuzzy inside….could be the hormones.

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