Days of Thanks 14 & 15

#14: kind strangers. As you all know, we moved in to our new house in West Chester this past weekend.  One thing that really shocked me was the overwhelming welcoming of our new neighbors.  I’m sure the weather had something to do with it as it was 65 degrees and sunny all weekend but we met 6 different surrounding neighbors.   They just stopped by, welcomed us to the neighborhood and we chatted up with them for awhile, getting to know how many children they have (or were expecting! so excited one of our neighbors is due in February…play date to be booked), where they work and how long they lived there.  I am so grateful for kind people and them making us feel welcomed.

#15: food.  As I sit here and chow down on a $1 vending machine pop-tart, I realize how thankful I am for the abundance of food available to us.  There are so many hungry and even starving people in the world (and in our own country). I think about how during this pregnancy there are points where I just get so hungry I feel  sick and how grateful I am that I have the resources necessary to make me feel better.  Not everyone in this world has those resources.

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