Chair Makeover

I love the Pinterest challenges thought up by Sherry and Katie.  I look forward to them every season.  In fact, for this challenge in particular, it’s more of a “Dude get on that already” thought up by YHL.

So let’s jump into it.  I found these beauty’s for a total of $25 for the pair at Goodwill about a month ago.

And they sat in our garage for a month until this fall challenge came along and I got the urge to do something with them.  There are so many “how to paint furniture” posts on Pinterest, including ones from Sherry and Katie found here and here and then there is also Centsational Girls tutorial here.

I started off by removing the seats to just expose the bones.

I then used Zinzzer oil-based primer.  Based on all the furniture makeover reviews, this stuff is the best so after I gave the chairs a quick sanding to get the dirt and finish off and then sprayed the chairs with the spray primer.  I only did one coat.

I then began work on the fabric seats.  I first removed the brown velvet fabric only to find that the brown velvet was someone’s cover up for this ugly green cover. Ugh.

So once I removed the green fabric, I found this.  Because the padding wasn’t that attractive, I felt better if I covered it in some batting I had leftover from another project.

After a lot of fabric hunting, I found this fabric on clearance from and went with it.  I’m not sure even now if I’m 100% sold but I can always recover it later.

I started reupholstering by placing the fabric on the seat in different positions to figure out what I wanted.  After coming up with the way I wanted the design to lay out, I simply pulled the fabric together and used our staple gun to apply staples to the seat cover on all four sides.  Once all sides were stapled down and the fabric pulled tight, I then folded the corners like I was folding wrapping paper and then used the staple gun to secure the corners.

And here is the finished project.

What’s crazy about the above photo (besides my unsteady hand) is that this is the view of the other side of the room.

I didn’t really have a good spot to set these chairs up for a photo shoot because as you can see, we are in the middle of moving.  Well not middle, just trying to pack things up slowly so when we do move (in 2 weeks) we just have to load and unload a moving truck.

What I love most about these chairs are it’s curves.  Just look at those curves, from the arm rests to the circles on the back of the chair.  I could stare at them all day.

So let’s do a before/after comparison:
I am so glad that I finally finished this project and they turned out so great!  I love when you find that unexpected thing at Goodwill and it later turns into something you love.

5 thoughts on “Chair Makeover

  1. Those chairs are awesome!! Love the white update to them. And you cracked me up showing us the chaos going on. I would've never guessed from the first shot that the chairs weren't sitting in a well staged home. Good luck with your move.

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