rustic fall

As you know, we sold our house.  So when one night I decided to decorate our dining room table for fall, Andy gave me a bunch of weird looks as we were going to start packing up stuff that weekend.  But truth is, sometimes you just need to get that creativity out and do something….in this case, decorate for fall.  I’ve already decided that this fall season would not include all those fun fall activities since we were moving.  That’s right, no mums, pumpkins, piles of leaves, etc.  I did manage to sneak in a decaf pumpkin latte though and let me tell you that once that goodness hit my mouth, the little baby inside me jumped for joy.

So back to the fall centerpiece.  I just went around the house to see what I could find. I first grabbed this white scarf (which I have been known to use as a table runner many times before), some fall flowers I had from last years mantle decorations, some candles and I did find these $2 wicker pumpkins at Target in the $1 section a couple weeks ago.

My goal was to find some rustic orange or red place mats or other decorations but again, since we are moving, I didn’t want to spend the money.  So there it is, the only fall thing we will be doing this year (besides grabbing a couple more pumpkin spice lattes and hopefully baking a pumpkin pie).  And yes, the vase holding the flowers in the middle is not a vase at all but a pitcher from Crate and Barrel.

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