It’s official…we are moving

Technically it was official September 26th.  We are so excited!  We put our house on the market at the end of July so two months before selling it wasn’t too bad, but boy wasn’t it annoying.  We decided not to use a Realtor to sell our house.  We instead came across HomeWise, which is a real estate broker in Ohio.  It was pretty simple, we basically paid a flat fee of $500 to list our property on MLS for a year.  This fee also included the real estate broker writing up a contract if the buyer who came to our house also wasn’t using a real estate agent.  Since we were wanting to save all our pennies for a new house, a $500 fee was more appetizing than paying an additional 3% to the sellers real estate agent.  We still agreed in our contract to pay the buyers real estate agent the 3% commission since we weren’t sure whether or not real estate agents would bring people to our house if we didn’t agree to pay their commission.

There were some hiccups in the process of using a real estate broker but I guess it goes back to the motto, you get what you pay for.  Also, when using a real estate broker, you are the one to be there to let all the prospective buyers inside your house and you are the one to stay at the 2 hour long open houses.  I luckily have a wonderful husband who pretty much took care of all of these showings/open houses while I took Barkley on a walk or the dog park.

As for a new house, we finally (finally because we went through about 20 houses until we found one we were in love with) found a house in West Chester and are excited to make the move (and set up the baby’s room finally – I’ve been itching to set up this room for awhile now).  It was a long and stressful process to finding a house (especially under our time crunch) and it really is by the grace of God that we found one so quickly.  So mark it on your calendars…November 9th is the day.  Also taking volunteers since I can’t lift anything…or really bend over too well.

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