This past weekend I took my photography skills to a whole new level.  I did two things: 1. bought Photoshop CS6 and 2. took DSLR beginner lessons from Shoot Fly Shoot.  I was hesitant about both of these purchases since money is tight right now.  However, being the resourceful person I am, I figured out that if I use my sister’s UC student ID, I can get Photoshop for 75% discount, and Shoot Fly Shoot is holding their summer sale so classes were 30% off.  Both win win in my mind.

So this weekend I went out with a friend and her daughter for some shooting practice.  The down side to this experience was we misguided daylight and it got dark on us too fast.  But here is a little example of the shoot and me playing around with Photoshop.

Here is one picture, right out of the camera, no editing done.

Overall I thought it was a pretty good shot, that was until I started playing around with Photoshop, this program works wonders.  So to start, I downloaded Pioneer Womans Photoshop actions as a starting point.  I mean, opening Photoshop alone is intimidating so to have some pre-fixed actions really helps out with the exploring.

So here is the same photo as above but applied the boost + fresh and colorful actions.  It really brings out the colors.  I love it, except I didn’t stop there.

Here is the same photo but with warmer + boost + slight lighten.  I love that this one gives her more color in her face.

And here is one with sunshine + boost + slight lighten.

I played around with a few more actions, this one is vingage at 50% opacity, which gives it that old time look.

I absolutely love Photoshop and so glad I made the investment.  I have many more hours to log to explore all the possibilities Photoshop has to offer.  I can’t wait.

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