canvas art cop out

Who doesn’t love some canvas photo art?  I’ve always wanted to find that perfect picture to make into a canvas and hang in our house.  However, I do find it weird to hang a huge picture of Andy and I up in our house.  I mean we already have a whole hallway collage of our wedding pictures, and since we don’t have any pictures of our baby yet, I had to find some other adorable children to photograph.  In comes my niece and nephew.

Both of these pictures I took at Easter this year.  Josey’s photo however did need some photoshop before I got started since I didn’t want the spaghetti and milk to come through on the photo.

My plan of action, the $5 or so engineer prints from Staples (which you can find tutorials all over Pinterest).  First I changed these pictures to black and white (I don’t trust Staples to change it for me – their engineer prints only come in black and white).  I then took a flash drive with both pictures to Staples and asked for the largest engineer print they had, which was 4 ft x 3 ft.

I then went to Lowe’s and picked up a piece of installation board for $10.  This board is huge and I only used 1/2.

I then used a drywall T and a X-acto knife to cut the board to shape.  I decided to make these all square photos so they can be lined up against a wall or down the stairs and all be even.

Note that I made three different boards (since Andy’s sister just had their third child, but I unfortunately don’t have any pictures of baby Wyatt yet).  After I cut the boards, I lightly sanded them to get the edges smooth. I also peeled off the silver metalic lining in order to reveal the cardboard underneath.

I then used black acrylic paint to paint the edges of the board.  I also made sure I cut in a little so that if I missed cut the picture, the cardboard would not show through.

I then used simple craft stick glue and glued the pictures onto the cardboard and used a credit card to smooth out any wrinkles.  I just loved how they turned out and I can’t wait to make one for our little bundle of joy in December.

Here is a picture to get size comparison.  Note though that your picture needs to be good resolution before you get it enlarged.  I did try getting an engineer print made for a friend of mine for a wedding gift but the picture she gave me was not from a DSLR camera and the resolution wasn’t good so it turned out to be a hot mess.

I did get a call from my sister-in-law tonight saying that she loved them.  As she just moved into a new house, she has plenty of walls to fill and with a newborn at home, I thought this would be a good housewarming gift.  I just need to get the third one of Wyatt to complete the collection.

Here’s the cost breakdown:

Installation board = $10.00
2 engineer prints (4ft x 3ft) from Staples = $7.01
Black craft paint = free (already had on hand)
Total = $17
Cost per picture = $8.50

Talk about a knock off on canvas art this size.

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