Pregnancy Favorites

So I realize that my blog has basically turned into a dump for all things baby.  I can’t help it.  Now that I’m feeling this baby inside me move around all day, I’ve become obsessed.  Plus, with our house on the market, there are not many home improvement projects we are wanting to get ourselves into.  So basically between deep cleaning our house what feels like every other day (why we can’t keep it clean in between showings is a good question) and weddings (we’ve had 6 so far this summer…only one more of the year), we haven’t even been in our house to do much to it.  Hence my turn of attention to this baby.  Plus ever since the anatomy ultrasound, we have just been too excited.

So as part of the process to documenting this pregnancy, I put together a list of my pregnancy favorites.

Let’s go through these:

1 – I can’t get enough of spicy food.  In particular Spicy Nacho Doritos.  Yes it is true that I once ate a whole bag in one sitting.  I pray it had no effect on the baby, but they were so good.  I’m starting to salivate just writing this.

2 – So did I tell you that I waited until week 20 to go shopping for maternity clothes? Yes, it’s true.  I hated the thought of buying a bunch of clothes for a short period of time.  Well when I finally got around to it, I found this Gap tank top and it has been my favorite purchase of all.  With it being summer, I get so hot and this tank is nice and airy.  And its the first time that I have been able to wear a shirt that gathers where your love handles are and feel so good about it.

3 – So did I tell you that I waited until week 20 to go shopping for maternity clothes? Oh I did.  Well a staple in my wardrobe before maternity clothing shopping was rubber bands.  It’s a little strange but at week 20 I couldn’t even zip my pants (that was the breaking point for Andy to force me to go out) that my pants were being held up by rubber bands.  Yes I said it.  I am not proud but they were a life savor.

4 – Most people suggest body pillows during pregnancy.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m so short or what but body pillows just never worked for me.  Instead, I love my king size pillow.  It’s longer than the standard pillow but not overbearing like a body pillow.  Am I the only one that refers to a pillow as being overbearing?

5 – Orange Leaf.  Should I say more.  So funny story is that when I first got pregnant, I was craving some frozen yogurt, no specific brand, just some frozen yogurt.  However, where we live on the west side, the closest place was across town, about 30 minutes away….that is until an Orange Leaf opened up mid summer.  Once a week is really all you need to know.

6 – Back to maternity clothes.  When I did finally go out shopping, I bought one pair of jeans from Old Navy.  They were the low rise stretch band and comparing those to my dress pants that include the belly support bands, I have found that the low rise stretch band are SO much more comfortable.  It is summer so maybe it’s just me getting hot but I love these jeans.  I am even considering another pair for when I’m not pregnant any more.

7 – Preggie Pops was something my mother-in-law bought me before our 15 hour drive to Florida for a family vacation.  I’m still not sure if it was the sucking on hard candy that saved me from getting sick on that drive or these preggie pops but I know I didn’t want to find out.

8 – A water bottle.  Drinking water is important during non-pregnant days and even more heavenly stressed by the doctors once you are pregnant. One of the best things I ever did was buy this water bottle from Target.  I use it everyday and love it.

9 – Citranatal prenatal vitamins.  These are more expensive than over the counter but I have good insurance that pays for most of it.  During the early parts of pregnancy, I swore to it that these vitamins were making me sick but as I go into my third trimester, I am no longer getting sick and have grown to like these.

10 – Edy’s strawberry fruit bars.  I once read that these are the most healthiest dessert you can have.  It kinda goes in line with my Orange Leaf yogurt craving but these baby’s are good and I don’t feel guilt when I grab one (or two) out of the freezer every night.

So there it is, my pregnancy favorites as I start my third trimester.  I will be interested to look back in December to see if anything has changed.

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