baby week 22

I took a photo for baby week 22 but haven’t really documented everything with this next month of pregnancy.  The biggest change has been my lack of nausea.  Knock on wood that me writing this does not come back to haunt me.

So the biggest thing that has happened this last month was our anatomy ultrasound (which I blogged about here).  It was such an emotional and thrilling time.  I relive that moment every time I feel the baby kick.  Which is another thing that has progressed this month.  Our little beans movement.  Andy has even been able to feel the little kick multiple times and actually, last week when I tried to get my mom to feel the baby kick, she actually found the heartbeat.  It was so crazy and beating so fast.  So then naturally I made everyone in the family rush over and put there hand on the spot to feel the heart beat.  Also, the best time to feel our little bean kick is between 11am and 12pm (as naturally we are starving at that point in the day) and then again at night as I’m trying to go to sleep (which is when Andy always feels the baby kick).

So here is week 22 picture.

And the prior weeks pictures for comparison.

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