wall of hearts

This past weekend, Andy and I traveled to Knoxville TN to help his sister and their family move into their new home.  Andy’s sister and brother-in-law just had their 3rd child, Wyatt Michael, and it was also the first time we would meet the little guy…and we were excited.  I was also excited to help Colton and Josey set up and decorate their rooms….specifically Josey’s room when I saw this on Pinterest.

I apologize now for the pictures I took with my phone for this project.

The first thing I did was make a stop at Michaels to pick out some paper.  I went with 11 different colors of paper that I thought would complement each other well and that would coordinate with a girls room.  I then drew a hear on some cardboard and cut it out as my pattern.

Then came the long, tedious task of cutting out all the hearts.  I decided to go with 11 hearts down (one of each color) and 12 rows across.  You do the math, that’s 132 hearts that I traced and cut.  It took all of 2 hours and by the end, my hand felt like it could fall off any moment.

Also, since like every other project, I waited to do this until the night before we were leaving for TN so the idea of sewing the hearts together was not an option as assembly of this would have to occur during the drive.  I instead found a 1/16″ hole punch at Michaels and some string and started punching a hole in the top and bottom of each heart and then threading them together.  I thought this process would take longer than cutting all the hearts out but it actually went by super fast.

Once I had all of them strung, I had to figure out how I was going to hang it on the wall.  The easiest thing I found was a cardboard box (after all, we were down there to help them move and there was an abundance of boxes available).  I simply cut a strip of cardboard from a random box, tied the hearts to the cardboard, reinforced it with some packing tape and just simply found two nails to nail the cardboard to the wall.  Simple enough.  I then found some pink construction paper and cut and taped it to the cardboard so that ugly brown color wouldn’t be visible.  So here’s the final product (minus the part where I covered up the brown cardboard…I forgot to snap a picture after that).

Don’t all of these hearts just make you giddy? I love them, all 132 of them.  I secretly hope for a girl this December so I can do this stuff all the time.

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