Baby Room Mood Board

Since the decision to not find out the sex of the baby, I started pinning like a mad woman ideas for the baby room.  With our house being on the market, I’m hesitant to even start painting the room because who knows where we will be in four months time.  But with showers coming up and my natural urge to want to decorate, I had to create a mood board.

My inspiration can be found here, here and here.

So here’s what I came up with.  The only bad thing about this mood board is the fact that some of this stuff is way over our price range (aka the glider priced at a whopping $2k) but others like the crib (from Target) is only $200.  So I’m hopeful I can find affordable pieces for this room.

I am not an animal print on the sheets kind of gal so I went with all patterns and solids for sheet selection.  Not that I’m an animal hater, I love me some owls, elephants and giraffes, just not on bed sheets. I also figured out during a recent visit to Target that circus themes, Disney characters and Sesame Street are not my favorites when it comes to baby room decor.  Again, I love Disney and want my child to own every movie out there, just don’t like the patterns on sheets or quilts.

I also found the amazing gray feather blanket above at Marshall’s back at the beginning of July and works perfectly with this room.  And what child room isn’t complete without a pouf, in this case a yellow one from Target.  I chose this color scheme (not only for my love of teal) but depending on what this baby pops out as, this room can easily be altered to be more feminine or masculine by adding more ORB accents for a boy or more frilly constructions for a girl.

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