baby’s first photograph

We had our 20 week/half-way point ultrasound this past Thursday (July 26th).  This was the second and last ultrasound this baby will get so going into the ultrasound we were very excited.  Our first ultrasound at 6 weeks, the baby looked like this.

Nothing to it, it looks like a peanut.  So not having a second ultrasound until you are half way through pregnancy had us on pins and needles until the day of the appointment.

Going into the ultrasound room, one of the first questions the nurse asked us if we wanted to find out the sex.    I looked at Andy in hopes he would have a change of heart but he replied a no to the nurse and in that moment, I became even more in love with Andy and full of so much more excitement for December to come to meet our little bundle of joy.  The ultrasound lasted less than 30 minutes and at the end, I asked the nurse if she figured it out through the ultrasound the sex of the baby and she said she knew…which makes me think it’s a boy, however, based on some of the ultrasound pictures below, my parents are convinced it’s a girl because you can’t see anything.  So it’s still a toss up, 50/50 chance it’s one or the other.

So here are the pictures we got to take home from the ultrasound.  I was a little disappointed we didn’t get a picture of the spine to take home but that was the most amazing picture of the ultrasound, to see each and every vertebrae formed.  Andy really enjoyed seeing the vertebrae among all the other formed body parts.

 Based on these ultrasounds, it also looks like our baby is going to be a thumb sucker, something he/she got from his mamma.

Because our pictures turned out so great and I can actually interpret the pictures (not going to lie, that was a scare of mine, to be like Rachel Green and not know what I was looking at), I decided to frame my favorite. I took some simple green card stock and a cheap frame from Ikea I had laying around and voila.

 Also, if you can’t read that fortune in the picture above it says “A small gift can bring joy to the whole family”.  The story behind this fortune goes back to the day Andy and I found out we were pregnant, Tuesday, April 3rd.  That morning I took a pregnancy test and it was positive.  I immediately called Andy at work to tell him.  However, this was also the day that Andy and his dad have been planning for awhile, the day Mike and Sherry were going to come down to Cincy for dinner and a Chris Daughtry concert.  Sherry had bought Mike two tickets to the show and he was going to go with Andy while Sherry and I shopped or watched a movie.

Well that day was also the day Mike had an appointment with the doctor to get the results of his scan the week before to see how the chemo was treating the cancer.  Well to recap the day, found out I was pregnant at 8am, Andy got a call from his mom at lunch with news about the scan from his dad.  It wasn’t a positive outlook but they were still wanting to come down for dinner and the show.  Mike was a true music rock-n-roll fan and I think it was good therapy for him and good quality time for Andy to spend with his father.

Anyways, back to the fortune.  Before the show, we went to PF Chang’s for dinner and, of course, after dinner, Andy got this fortune.  Now keep in mind it was an emotional day and honestly, this fortune made it even more emotional.  We aren’t people to hold in secrets, especially with our parents but it was not the time to tell Andy’s parents about our news.  They had heard devastating news that day and it hasn’t nearly been enough time for it to sink in.  I/we didn’t want to stir emotions up even more with spilling our secret.  Plus, this fortune honestly made me feel more guilty.  Guilty for becoming pregnant.  I couldn’t help think about the circle of life.  I know I shouldn’t feel guilty nor does God want me to feel guilty but in the moment of things, I hated that I found out I was pregnant on the day Mike found out he only had a few more months to live.  A day so mixed with emotions that it stressed me out more than I ever had been stressed before.

But honestly, a few days later when we did tell Mike that we were pregnant, it gave me so much joy to see the happiness in his eyes.  It was happiness that he’s been waiting for, some good news in his week of sadness.  I didn’t mean to go on this rant but that is one moment I know I will remember forever.  The look on his face when we told him of our pregnancy, our one on one talk at the dog park where we talked about how Andy will be such a good father (he will take after his dad for sure), the hug and kiss on the cheek he gave me at the end of our conversation and the feeling that filled my soul of how happy and blessed I was to have such a great father-in-law.

All in all, this fortune tells a story, a long story, that I want to remember forever.  So I framed the fortune and now this is my favorite piece that sits on our office desk at home.  I’m having thoughts of bringing it to work with me I love looking at it so much.  We are truly blessed for this little miracle!

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