Power Hour/Week

Andy and I have established this week as a work hard week.  We’ve been putting off those little tasks to our house (some for almost 2 years) that no one likes to do (i.e. painting old yellow trim or organizing a closet).  Frankly, all of the tasks on our list we dread doing so we decided to just make a week of it, working hard trying to accomplish all on our list.  So this week there will be no posts excepts edits to this one and updates as we go.  I figured by putting a list on the blog would keep me accountable…and I love crossing off things on lists.  You can guarantee I have the same list below on a piece of paper in our kitchen just for easy reference.  I even color-coded it so Andy and I could really feel accomplishment as we crossed things off.  And of course, sometimes it’s more efficient and just better for your sanity to conquer projects separately, especially mundane projects where we are guaranteed to get on each other’s nerves.  So here we go, our power week list:

  • wire microwave
  • sell the stove and other random appliances on Craigslist
  • putty & paint the bathroom trim
  • paint the bathroom doors
  • paint the door to the basement
  • box in the basement pole
  • paint basement
  • clean/organize office
  • paint back door trim
  • paint front door trim
  • paint front door *update: picked a color
  • paint baseboards in house (not looking forward to this tedious task)
  • patch hole in drywall by garage
  • paint around thermostat
  • paint entrance to dining room
  • organize storage rooms in basement
  • hang pictures in bedroom
  • organize guest bedroom closet
  • create door to electric panel
  • paint basement ceiling
  • new closet doors in bedroom & foyer?
  • paint second coat on kitchen cabinet doors
  • add handles to kitchen cabinet doors
  • carpet clean rugs and basement
  • take off or paint front door storm door
  • reward ourselves by buying a loveseat and rug from living room?

Update: It’s Friday night and we are exhausted.  While we finished a lot of things on our list this week (including things that weren’t on our list like painting the garage…Andy’s to blame for that one), we knocked out the most important tasks.  Tomorrow is going to be spent cleaning and organizing.  With all the painting and projects, our house is more of a mess now than it was at the beginning of the week.  Not to mention that our dog sheds more than anything I’ve seen.  Also to update everyone, we put our house up for sale.  It was official yesterday.  Hence this list of petty tasks at the beginning of the week.  So tomorrow it’s clean time because the MLS needs pictures of the inside of our house to hopefully attract buyers.  Fingers crossed.

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