Summer Pinterest Challenge slash Kitchen Updates

Katie and Sherry are at it again and I have been waiting for this challenge since the spring edition.  It also just so happened that I had the week of fourth of July off which was spent working side by side with my husband on some kitchen updates.  I have been craving this time spent with Andy working on the house for MONTHS and I was so happy it finally was here!!!!!

This Pinterest challenge project was more of a joint decision made by Andy and I and is something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile.  When we moved in, our kitchen looked like this.

Then we painted

And last month, we bought all new appliances (range is coming in next week and we didn’t have our microwave installed at this point of the picture)…and a camera that takes wide angle shots.

So for this challenge, Andy and I wanted to build our fridge in.  The new refrigerator is so much larger and just kinda stands out so we thought if we built it in, it would look more uniform.  So here are some of the ideas we were looking at.

First option was to do a built in with open shelving on top here.  Another options is to add cabinets and do some awesome wainscoting pattern on the side found here.  Third option below is the same with cabinets on top from YHL here.

Well given our fridge dimensions and size of our kitchen, we developed a plan and a rough sketch.  We used Sherry and John’s plan for construction of the build in which you can find here.  I didn’t take much pictures of the process since we literally followed YHL’s design to a tee, so check them out for the process.

We got our materials and just started building with our awesome new tool, the Kreg Jig.  I recommend it for all and had to convince Andy we needed it and now he is so in love with it he wants to do some shelving throughout the house.

Based on the dimensions above the fridge to the drop down ceiling (which one day I would like to get rid of completely), a cabinet we found at Lowe’s fit perfectly so we opted for that option.  Plus I feel like we have so much junk laying around our house all the time that to hid it behind some cabinet doors is a must.

Add some paint, touch ups on other cabinets, a microwave and new lights, we end up with this.

We had to also take down the cabinets above the old microwave (in which we found an outlet for the new microwave!) and replace them with shorter cabinets.  I wanted the microwave high above the range so there were no chances of anyone bumping heads into it.  We still need to touch up the paint from where we took the old microwave down and of course replace our 1970’s range and add handles to the cabinets but next week people, next week.

So there it is, our built in Pinterest project.  Overall this project took 2 full days.  We probably painted it a little too soon but  patience is not a virture of Andy’s or mine when it comes to finishing a house project.  Here’s before again, notice the difference in the removal of the ceiling fan and how much more open the kitchen feels.

And another angle just because I can’t stop looking at it.

3 thoughts on “Summer Pinterest Challenge slash Kitchen Updates

  1. I LOVE it! I've been pinning refrigerator enclosures for a few weeks and YHL's project was at the top of my list. Yours turned out awesome. Huge difference.

  2. I wouldn't be able to stop looking at it, either. It looks amazing! I wanted to do the same thing to my fridge, but thought it might look funny since I don't have a counter-depth fridge. You proved me wrong! 🙂 come see my Pinterest Challenge link-up here.

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