My Best Friends Wedding

All day I wanted to burst out in song to Aretha Franklin’s “I Say a Little Prayer for You” as my best friend from college was getting married!  I can say all of us were waiting for this day to happen.  She found a great guy, whom I actually have been friends with for the same amount of time as Cristy.  As seen in this post, I have been looking forward to this wedding all year.

Cristy had asked me to do a reading in the wedding and I gladly obliged. However, the night of the wedding (really the hour of the wedding), a huge storm came through Cincinnati with torrential downpour and it knocked out the electricity in certain areas.  We arrived at the church to find there was no power and the ceremony was to go on by candle light.  How cool is that.  It was a little weary at first. I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to see the reading but it all went so smoothly, except for my picture taking.  I couldn’t figure out the setting to use with my camera (DSLR novice fail) so these were all the pics I was able to get (rehearsal first).

See what I mean, I need that camera lesson asap.  But doesn’t she look gorgeous and her dress complemented her so well.  I was in love and wanted to go back and redo our wedding all over.

Oh and I was able to tape Ted’s speech (Cristy’s dad) at the beginning of the reception, check it out below.

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