Baby Week 14

I’ve hit week 14.  Hello second trimester and less nausea.  At first I wasn’t sure I would come to this point in pregnancy but it’s been a solid 10 days since the last time I got sick.  Granted, the feeling of nausea comes and goes with different smells and environments but I can deal with that as long as I’m not getting sick, especially during work.  Not only is it an awful feeling to have to run to the bathroom in the middle of the day because you are getting sick but to run into some of my clients in the bathroom is just plain awkward.

Still no specific food cravings besides popscicles and frozen yogurt, which could be due to the fact that summer is here and I’m dehydrated.  I still have food aversions but not as bad as before.
At 14 weeks, baby Whipp measures the size of a lemon, in which the last time I went to the grocery I stood in front of the lemons for a solid 10 minutes just analyzing and taking it all in.  This is also the first week where I have actually felt like there was a baby growing inside me.  I haven’t really felt kicks or movement but I just could tell there was something in there.  Our next appointment is in one week exactly and only 6 more weeks until the anatomy ultrasound when we find out the sex.  It will be that appointment when all of this will hit me.  
So here it is, week 14 photo, I really puffed out in the 4 weeks since week 10 update.  Only 26 more weeks to go.

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