A little bit of Elvis in my life

Well not so much my life but in our friends Angie and Kevin’s life.  Here’s the details.  Our friends are having a boy this August and they are huge Elvis fans.  So when I RSVP’d for Angie’s baby shower, I had two things on my mind.  One, learn some new things about babies since I’ll have one in 6 months..eek.  And two, create some sort of art for their baby room.  I thought both were pretty do-able since I downloaded the Notes app on my iphone and that Angie posted pictures of her nursery on facebook.  So I got to inspiration and research.  First place I turned was Etsy.  I came across some really cute ideas (for Angie and me) but ultimately decided on a piece of wall-art with some Elvis inspiration, since Kevin loves loves loves Elvis and who am I kidding, so do I.  So I found this and decided to make a replica.

I started off with a blank canvas I had in the house (I bought a party pack back when they were on sale at Michaels) and I started sketching it with a pencil.

I’m not going to lie, I was impressed with my free-hand pencil sketch.  It took me forever but it was a starting point.  Next came color.  I bought a pack of scrapbook markers at Michaels, picked my colors and went to town.  Oh and Andy, whose handwriting mimics a typewriters (not joking) even wanted a stab at it.  I think it was sort of therapeutic for him.  I mean that’s why I like to color.

And here is the final sign.  It turned out well and there was even a part of me contemplating keeping it.  I mean I have a nursery to start thinking about too.  But I didn’t.  Instead I woke up Sunday morning like a little giddy girl, excited to give this to Angie, hoping she loved. it.

I think I need to make a duplicate for my little baby dino’s room.  hmm.

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