I love me a good surprise party, so when Andy’s friend Scott was turning 30 a few days before Memorial Day weekend, I thought it was a good opportunity.  The tricky part with any surprise party is getting the invites out and picking a date everyone can do, especially the guest of honor without letting him know.  Well since Andy was in DC until late Sunday night of Memorial Day weekend, the only time that would work was on Monday.  And with it being Memorial Day, I’d thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and have a red, white, and blue cookout.  I love decorating for parties.  Andy kept reminding me as I was planning/preparing for this party that it’s for a guy who could care less.  Truth is, he’s right but I recognize I have a flaw and I admit it.  It still doesn’t help me not have a cookout without a theme.

There was a lot going on.  Here’s a quick rundown of the decorations: For the tables, I used $1 plastic table coverings with some red/white striped wrapping paper taped down to the middle of the tables.  For the birthday banner, I used different colored scrapbook paper, strung with ribbon and blue letters (made from a Cricut machine).  All of the pendents and hanging decorations I bought from party source with the exception of a few I already had.  Table centerpieces included mason jars and wild flowers and sparklers and confetti poppers.  This was a Memorial Day party with a touch of Fourth of July.

Our friend Abbey made this delicious cookie cake.

Then came my version of a cake.  I figured men like fire so why not.  Disclaimer, I found this idea on Pinterest but basically took about 350 matches and a $5 wood board from Lowe’s and started to hot glue the matches to them in the shape of a 30.  It helped to have a second set of hands.  My mom laid the glue as I laid the matches.  It only took about 20 minutes but it is exceptionally easier if you have two people.


What guy doesn’t like fire?

Towards the end, it started to get a little out of control.  I still don’t know who the person was who suggested Scott hold the board while it was going up in flames but guys will be guys.

Another disclaimer, the hot glue at the bottom of the glue stick stopped the flame, it just got a little crazy until that moment.

So there it is, Scott’s surprise party we put together.  Oh and here’s a video of the weak surprise.  The most disappointing thing about the surprise was the poppers not going off.  Oh well, live and learn.

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