a little landscape upgrade

The view of our house from the road:

Up close view of our front yard flower bed.

We have a long list of to do’s for the front of the house.  A few include expanding the “porch”, getting a new front door without a screen, change the light fixture, new siding, and adding some miracle grow to our current bushes because they are looking pretty sad.
One step at a time, we started with the flower bed, first by making it start at the driveway and continue around to the house.  I hate that there is a break in the flower bed along the sidewalk.  So one night in pitch black darkness of the night, I decided to remove the grass, then there was just dirt sitting there until this past Saturday morning when Andy and I spent a great deal of time transplanting current plants and plants our neighbors gave us from their yard.
So we started out the day by making a stop to a nearby florist called Nature’s Corner to pick up some color for our flower bed.

Sixty dollars later, this is what we ended up with, doesn’t look like much but we are hoping they spread out during the summer and really fill up our flower bed.  The biggest problem we ran into when looking for some color for our flower bed is that it is all shade all the time and the only flowers that grown in shade with lots of color are annuals, which means we will most likely have to spend $60 every year.  We will see how this year goes first of course.

I even pulled out the plant baskets from Andy’s dad’s funeral and transplanted some of the plants into our flower bed.  We have 4 basket total so if a couple of these die no big deal but we both thought it would be cool way to keep his dad alive if these survived the summer and winter.  The remaining plants in the basket I transplanted to individual planters to keep in our house.  Now I just need to remember to water them weekly.  Wish me luck.

And here is the after.  We moved some bushes around and bought some miracle grown and I’m hoping we get some growth in these flowers this year to really make the house standout.  Again, fingers crossed.

The hardest (i.e. most labor intensive) part of this project was digging up the dirt to plant flowers.  See we have this HUGE tree in our front yard that has roots that go all the way to the house, so most of Saturday morning was spent by Andy with an ax taking out some large roots.  There was one that was about 3 inches in diameter and it was very exhausting just watching him.  But after some long hours and a lot of sweat, we were able to plant and transplant some flowers.

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