Week 5 Update

Well now that I’m pregnant, I have to start thinking about how I want to document my first pregnancy.  With Pinterest, I knew pretty early on what I wanted to do.   The idea below is from Simply Bloom Photography and how awesome are these.

So I went to Target and found a simple white dress that I could wear and started the photoshoot.  I experimented with this photo by having Andy take it.  It was a long process but finally got one I was able to use.  Next time I think I’m going to leave the picture taking up to my sister.

At this stage of pregnancy, it all still seems surreal.  I did have the first ultrasound and that helped me realize the baby inside me but until I see a bump, I don’t know if it will hit.

Symptoms so far: Nausea and extreme tiredness.  I get so tired sometimes to the point that I don’t know how I can finish an 8 hour day working without crashing the second I get in my car.  For a little, I would come home after work and take an hour nap.  It’s so not like me since I usually am on the go from the moment I wake to the moment I hit the bed.  I’m now having to stop and rest which is a lot for me to get use to.  Other feeling is nausea.  Holy cow am I nauseous all the time.  I find I can control regurgitating if I constantly eat every 2 hours.  Well in order to try to eat healthy, this means packing a refrigerator full of food to work on a daily basis to avoid the snacks from the vending machine.  It took packing lunch to a whole new level.

Due date:  Based on the ultrasound I had, the docs think I will have the baby early December.  However, I’m still keeping the original due date, simply because it’s a lot cooler and easy to remember.


Current cravings: No cravings yet, unless you count Sprite when I’m nauseous, then I’ll take a 12 pack.

Gender hunches: None yet. Andy did mention that he thought it could be a girl but I’m 50/50 and not too sure.  We won’t be able to find out the gender of the baby until early August so it’s a waiting game.

So there it is, 5 weeks in and a whole lot more to go.  I’m behind in writing this post because in 2 days I’ll be starting my 9th week. I plan to take pictures every month to capture the belly growth process but may wait til week 10 for the next one since I still am not showing that much.

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