Breaking it to the Family

Wednesday April 4th, was the day we told Andy’s parents the news about our little poppyseed.  Yes, today I looked it up and the little thing growing inside me is the size of a poppyseed.  It’s crazy to think about all the intricacies that come with a baby growing inside you.  It’s mind-boggling.

I We were nervous about telling his parents, considering the day before Mike received the worst news he could have possibly received.  But, after discussing with Aaron, he said that we should tell them, it gives strength and hope to cancer patients if they have something to look forward too.  So we went for it.  His parents were sitting outside eating dinner and we thought it would be the perfect time to break the news to them.  Of course they were so excited. And so was I.  I’m so bad with holding secrets in, especially good secrets.  I especially felt bad when  I would try to talk to Andy’s mom as I had to be careful with my words and I just stopped talking sometimes because I didn’t want it to slip out.
Once we told them, it gave me some relief.  It was like holding your breath for a long time and you finally were able to breathe again.  Once the news was out in the open, we talked about all things baby, which of course got me excited.  It was more exciting however to see Andy getting so excited about his son baby…yes, he thinks we will have a boy, and in a way I want a boy because I know he will have such a great role model of a father.
So it’s one set of parents down, now my family to go.  It nearly killed me waiting to tell them but since my whole family wouldn’t be together til Friday (and it was Wednesday), I forced myself to wait because I wanted everyone to be there when I break the news.

So two days past and I got my family together for dinner Friday night.  I felt bad because my brothers girlfriend, Jess, just had gum surgery and couldn’t talk and I totally guilt tripped them into coming over for dinner even though she couldn’t eat.  Still very sorry about that Jess.  We had dinner around 7pm but my dad wasn’t going to fly in from CA til 9pm, so we just hung out and waited and I schemed a way to catch it all on video.

My original plan was to get everyone together for a family photo, well before my dad came home, Patrick left to meet up with some friends.  So my plan of everyone being there went down the drain.  Also, it was Friday night and my family doesn’t really dress for pictures during the weekend.  We are a sweatpants family.  So my next option that I went with was setting my camera on the mantle on video mode and just letting it play out.  You can see the video below.  I didn’t really think about looking in the camera to make sure it included the whole room but you can at least hear all the reactions.

The best is my sisters reaction.  I just knew I wanted that on tape.

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