My Little Blueberry

This past Thursday I had my first ultrasound.  I am really early in the pregnancy and the ultrasound was mainly to verify how far along I am in the pregnancy.  The night before we went up to Andy’s parents house for dinner.  Not realizing how bad his dad was doing, we ended up staying the night.  I woke up early Thursday and drove to Cincy for the ultrasound.  I wasn’t expecting much from this appointment just because I was very early along.

It was one of the quickest appointments ever. I think it only lasted 10 minutes, no joke.  She first started with showing me the baby.  You can see how small it is below.  She then told me that it looked like I was more 7 weeks along rather than 6.  Which made me happy that just like that I was able to skip a week of nausea.  
She then proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t sure if the heartbeat would be visible since it’s usually not until 10 or 12 weeks.  Well literally the second she finished that sentence, she found it.  It looked like a little tremor on on the baby.  She then was able to put the sound on and I heard the heartbeat.  It was truly amazing.   I just couldn’t believe it.  I’ve said all along that this whole pregnancy feels very surreal still but that heartbeat really hit me hard.  I just couldn’t believe it that there was a little baby inside of me.  The heartbeat proved it.  I really wish Andy was there to experience it with me.  I know he would have loved it.  I was so excited to get out of there and go home and just tell Andy about the experience.  I can’t wait for my next appointment.  I just hope that the baby continues to grow and I continue to give it all the nutrients it needs. 
Week 7 – baby is the size of a blueberry 

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