Family Baseball Game

Easter weekend we had a family baseball game.  It was my nephew Colton’s only wish for the weekend.  So we got some bases, bats and balls and played.  Popo Mike (aka Andy’s dad) sat from the deck and watched until he just couldn’t take it anymore and got up and took a bat.  It took everything he had but it was so great God gave him this strength to be a part of a game he wanted to be apart of so bad.  We didn’t keep score or even had teams, the only rule was Colton was up to bat every time he was done running.  This was his game after all.

And this picture makes me smile.  I know Andy is going to be such a great dad and I hope for a boy so that we can have baseball games every night in our backyard so Andy can give his intimidation face.

I love this smirk Mike is giving in this photo.

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

I love the contrast of this picture, Colton crying and every one else full of smiles.  I guess I should put a disclaimer in here that the reason Colton is crying is because his Nana accidentally hit the ball right in his direction and nailed him in the chest.  It was pretty funny but Colton is a strong guy and the second we went inside he was fine.

And let’s not forget about this cute little girl who prepped for the big game by getting her game face on, which consisted of chili and milk.

So there it is, the official baseball game of Easter.

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