Big News!

I’m revealing some big news to the world 5 people who read my blog, and it’s sad because my mom, dad, sister, mother-in-law, and friend Morgan all know what this news is going to be.  It’s the biggest news of my life, news that made me almost faint and news that is taking all my will power to keep the secret from everyone for 3 days. So what is the secret you ask? I’M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

So here’s how I found out. It was Tuesday April 3, 2012.  I was a day late and had one pregnancy test left.  It only meant one thing. So I did what every woman does when she questions if she’s pregnant, popped a squat and peed.  The moment I saw that second line, I had mixed emotions, happiness, scared and totally FREAKED OUT.  The words “oh crap” even came out.   Andy and I have removed all precautions so we both knew this could happen but I don’t think we ever thought it would.

I was so happy filled with joy as I have been praying for this and dreaming of it even longer and I just was so excited God has blessed us in this way.  I was scared and freaked out because the week before the pregnancy test, I had an MRI on my knee.  At the beginning of March I hurt my knee skiing and finally went for a check the week before this big news.  Well during that checkup, I had to get an MRI.  I couldn’t have the MRI until I took a pregnancy test to verify I wasn’t pregnant.  So being the paranoid self that I am, I ran to Meijer and grabbed 3 different pregnancy tests, waited for the morning to come, peed on many sticks and sighed when they all came up negative.  I was really frustrated with my knee situation and wanted to be able to get the MRI so the doctor could confirm what was wrong with it.  So the MRI happened and Monday, April 2nd came with the results, I tore my ACL.

The doctor and I talked about my options, surgery being the winner.  I left the office with a set plan to do physical therapy twice a week to get my knee strong enough for surgery and I was on the road to recovery.

Then Tuesday morning hit, I realized I was late (by a day so not that late) and decided to take the last pregnancy test I had.  Positive.  Here is where the “oh crap” comes in.  I was nervous to no end all day Tuesday that I had done something so selfish.  I had somehow harmed the fetus inside me in the MRI scan that occurred.  I was obviously pregnant during the scan and too early for a pregnancy test to show anything.  All day Tuesday I just kept saying to myself why I wouldn’t have waited for the MRI test until this week, when I would know for sure if I was pregnant.  I was so selfish in wanting to get my knee fixed that I wasn’t thinking straight and could have potentially harmed the fetus.

I knew that I had to tell Andy everything I was feeling.  I hated telling him through a text or phone call but I knew it would eat at me until I did.  So I sent him a text asking him to call me on his next break.  It wasn’t the ideal way to tell your husband you are pregnant with your first child but he of course calmed me down and gave his brother a call, who is currently in his ob-gyn rotation in med school.  Again not the way I would have planned to tell my brother-in-law but hey nothing in this world is the perfect scenario.  Aaron confirmed that there was nothing to worry about but I was still nervous.  I scheduled an ob-gyn appointment immediately for 2 days later.  The doc not only confirmed my pregnancy but reassured me that I had nothing to worry about with the MRI exposure.  It calmed me down significantly.

The minute I left the doctors office, I was back on the excitement train and wanting to tell my family.  They wouldn’t be all together until Friday night and even though that was only a day and half away, I wasn’t sure I could wait that long.  But I did and even caught it on video, well kinda. But will share that soon.

So this blog will have an extra feature, a baby page! I’m so excited to blog about my experience on this journey and share my emotions through this whole thing.  So lots more to come.

One thought on “Big News!

  1. YAY!! I am so excited/happy for you and Andy 🙂 can't wait to see whether it's going to be a little boy or girl!

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