Easter Recap

So here’s the post were I recap our Easter weekend.  The week started with not so great news with Andy’s dad and ended with some great news that I will share with everyone shortly.  So to say the least, the weekend was full of emotional ups and downs.

We started Sunday waking up and going to Easter service at Andy’s  parents church.  This was the first time Andy’s dad was able had enough energy to attend a service in a very long time and he was determined to make it there.

We then went to my Aunt Beth’s to see my dad’s side of the family.  It included great food, family and of course, an Easter egg hunt.

We even took some family photos, and surprisingly, this was our first family photo with Mr. Barks and it just turned out fantastic.  He’s a dog that likes to pose for the camera that’s for sure.

After my aunt’s, we went to Andy’s grandparents and had an early dinner with them before his sister and brother-in-law and the kids headed back to TN.  I was also able to snag this photo of their cuteness before they had to leave.

So there it is, our Easter 2012 recap.  I hope everyone had a blessed and family filled Easter!

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