Mr. Barkles 30 week update

I’m a little behind in staying up to speed with Barkley’s photo montage.  The last one I did was his 18 week update.  Today marks his 30 weeks, so since it was nice out and Andy was available to take the picture, it was the perfect opportunity to snag it.  So here goes, his 30 week photo, followed by all the other photos taken to see his growth.

Things I’ve noticed about Barkley since the last update:

-he’s a really good and well behaved dog
-he loves people, now more than ever, especially kids.  He will cry if he is barricaded in another room and people in the other room.
-I get more complements on Barkley than I do with anything else combined
-his allergies have improved since we switched his food
-he loves dog parks and other dogs, especially dogs smaller than him, although he is still a baby around some small dogs
-he gets neutered on Tuesday April 10, 2012

So there it is, Barkley’s 30 week update.

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