Spring Cleaning

Spring is here, so I thought this weekend would be good for some spring cleaning organiztion.  And what better room to start with than the room I had been avoiding for the last 9 months…the office.  See, when I was studying for the CPA, that was the room I spent the most time in, the room that housed notes, flashcards, highlighters and stress for a good 6 months.  So naturally, once I passed that thing, I wanted nothing to do with that room.  It ended up looking like this.

Yes, that is dust on that leather chair, don’t judge. First thing I did, only seemed right, was to hang my CPA certificate.  I mean it was buried on the desk since I received it in the mail last July and have had no desire to do anything about it.  So that went up first.  I just grabbed a frame I had lying around, a matte at Michaels and got that bad boy on the wall.  It was kinda my motivation for the rest of the room.

Now, let’s note one thing before we begin.  Marriage is all about compromise, and one compromise was letting Andy choose the color for the two spare bedrooms.  If it were up to me, it would be a much lighter color but I let him have that one.  And since I wanted to organize this room in a days time, I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to repaint, especially since I would have to prime first. Andy also still likes this color so I guess the compromise is still active.  So my goal for the room was to make it look bigger and of course organize.

The first thing I did was to switch out the leather chair.  It clashed too much with the walls and was way to big for the space.  And since I have a bum knee, let me just tell you that Andy was ecstatic to move that from the upstairs to the basement.  But he did it, out of love (que the awww’s).  His actual response when I told him I had an idea was “now what”, to which I just laughed.

So instead of explaining details, let’s just jump to the after fact.

Ahh, there is just something about being organized that calms your spirit.  The items on the desk include a picture frame from Ikea, an alarm clock from Target, a letter J I found at Goodwill and then some cardboard organizers.

The cardboard organizers were actually from Target and they were green.  And they again clashed too much.  And since I’m in the clean, crisp white mood, maybe because it’s spring, I decided to spray paint them.


Since I got the blue leather chair out of the room and my loving husband was already sweatin, I asked if he could bring this chair from our living room up here.  This was one of the chairs that I had created a slipcover for and it just fits in this room better, much smaller and of course, it has that neutral white palette again that I’m digging this month.

What’s even better about  this setup/regorganization is that our lamp in the corner of the picture above is controled by our light switch by the door.  And since none of the bedrooms in our house have ceiling lights, this is amazing to be able to pop a switch to turn on a light versus stumbling in the dark to find the lamp switch.  Trust me, it’s so great!

So there it is, my new organized office/craft room.  I’ve needed an organized room for all my projects for awhile and this was a great way to rid myself of awful studying memories of this room and create something I love and want to be in.

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