Spring Wreath

It’s the year of the grapevine in our household.  Well at least for our front door.  It all started with a fall wreath here and then the winter wreath here.  So to keep with the theme, I decided to stay with the grapevine wreath since I already had it on hand.  I went and picked up some flowers at Michaels (and no, I will not keep real flowers alive long enough to even write this post).

I started by just cutting the flowers off of the stem and laying them around the wreath.  I keep a good length of the stem on them so that they easily tuck into the wreath and eliminates the need to use wire to hold the flowers in place.

And there it is. It didn’t take any time at all.

Some of the details I especially like, the contrast of the dark purple and white flowers.

Also the added feathers. I LOVE them. So glad I found them at Michaels.

It gives the wreath a little exotic feel.

And then there is this added clip on butterfly I actually found standing in the line at Michaels.

So there it is, my spring wreath.  I told my husband this wreath would last us through spring AND summer but not so sure that promise will be kept.

Ugh, our front door needs painted but that’s for another day/post.

Linking up to Rhoda’s Spring Door Decor party! (I’m a day late but better late than never).

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