A blast of color

As I’ve blogged before, our house is very neutral, gray neutral.  We need color.  I bought this lamp for $3 at Goodwill and it literally sat in our garage for about a month.  Now that I have more time on my hands, I finally did something about it.

Buying lamps from Goodwill is always tricky, you have to inspect it really well to make sure that it still works.  And since I don’t carry light bulbs around with me, I inspected the outlet plug and the light socket.  Everything looked intact so I gambled a bit and scrounged up a whopping $3.  I was debating painting the lamp for a solid 3 minutes.  I loved the color for a small lamp for a baby boys room but since Andy and I aren’t at that point in our life, I decided to paint it instead of hoarding it.  I am a natural hoarder, Andy hates it.  But I hang onto everything.  It’s hard for me to give things up.  It could be a newspaper that I saved for spray painting purposes but a year later, it’s still sitting there in the garage, untouched. I think part of the reason I hoard is because of my upbringing.  Anyways, that’s a different post topic.

So I decided on painting this guy in order to utilize it on our entry table.  First step was priming.  I just used a spray primer.

Next I went to Lowe’s to pick out a color.  Lowe’s only had the basic colors in spray paint form.  I could have custom made a color but it seemed too expensive for my $3 lamp.  So I simply picked a color from the Martha Stewart line (the color was Yellow Magnolia) and got a sample bottle for $2 or so and went to town.  I just used a regular paint brush and applied two coats to ensure full coverage.  I also got the lamp shade from Target for $10.

So there it is, the first burst of color our house received.  I’m hoping it’s inspiration for the rest of the house.

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