That’s right.  I’m back. And I’m doing it in style, Backstreet Boys returning style.  It’s so nice to be able to spend time with my husband, my family, my dog and all me DIY projects.  But to get me into the ultimate kick-off mode, my husband so graciously furbished me with a gift. Here’s a hint…

Do you know yet?  Here’s another hint…

Did you guess?  It’s a fancy schmancy DSLR camera! I’ve been wanting one and asking for one for awhile but with our low budget, it took a lot of saving.  And even with the savings, we decided that it was my gift of 2012, aka my valentine, birthday and Christmas gift of 2012.  Which is fine by me. We aren’t big gift givers anyway.  Plus it justified Andy getting his ski’s he wanted.  So that’s our gift plan for 2012.  One big purchase in January for both of us and we are done for the year.

So, back to the camera, it’s a Canon Rebel T2i.  After a lot of research, I decided Canon Rebel was the way I wanted to go.

And we actually purchased it at Sams Club in a bundle package.  It included the camera, the 18-55mm standard lense, a 18-250mm lense, camera bag and a memory card.  It was a great value that the hubbs couldn’t pass up. Although not sure if it was the deal or the fact I was there acting like a child saying please please please! Either way I love it and it’s my new favorite accessory.

I still need a lot of practice.  There are so many more shooting options than my previous camera.  So as some good practice, Andy and I went up to his parents for a day when his sister and the kids were up and I tested my skills. Here are a few from the weekend.  Like I said, I need to practice.

Unfortunately it was a packed house at Marions so I had limited angles as I literally could not move. So there it is, my coming back inspiration and new hobby.

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