A Small Bathroom Makeover?

The nice thing about owning a home is that it’s yours forever. It can take you as long as you want or need to get something done because it’s your house and you can work at your own pace.  This is the outlook I’ve had these last two months.  It’s my busy time at work so I knew I would have to limit my projects for January and February.  So for this years January/February project, my project I decided to work on was giving our half bath some love.  It was needing all kinds of love, especially after we gave a whole 2 months dedication to our upstairs bath, I felt sorry for this little guy.

Here was my to-do list:
-fix the door jam so the door would actually close
-paint the trim and door so it’s white again and not yellow
-try to find a solution to cover up the poor drywalling
-get rid of the ceiling stains from the water damage from the bathroom upstairs
-get a new floor vent
-add some wall art

It’s not a big list and I’m pretty sure that if I had a whole 2 days, this could have been easily accomplished.  However, it took me 2 months, but then again, who’s counting.

Here is what we started with.




Overall, our bathroom wasn’t horrible, just blah with a little cosmetic needs.  The sink and toilet were in good condition and we replaced the light and mirror back in the fall.



Once I saw Kate’s use of printable wallpaper here, I knew that this is just what our bathroom needed.  And the thing that attracted me most to this makeover was the price. I found Allen Roth paint-able beadboard wallpaper at Lowe’s for $20 a roll. Our bathroom was small enough that one roll was all we needed.

I first measured the height of the wall and where I wanted the chair rail to lay.  I then measured out the wallpaper and made sure to add a couple extra inches.  I would use sharp scissors once the wallpaper was hung to cut it at the bottom near the floor board and the chair rail would hide the extra inch at the top.  This saved time in measuring in cutting which would have taken me forever as I never can cut straight.

I then simply followed the instructions with the wallpaper and applied a healthy amount of water to the adhesive and let it sit for 5 min before applying to the wall.

I started at the door trim and just worked my way around the bathroom, piece by piece.

In total, it took me less than 2 hours to wallpaper the whole thing.  Andy was at a bball game so I took the initiative to just start this little project.  Not going to lie, he was not excited about this “wallpaper” thing in the beginning but after it all came together (2 months later) he was happy with it.

The next step was to let the wallpaper dry and then paint, which naturally took me 3-4 weeks later to get to.  So in the meantime (aka that next weekend). I got to cleaning up our floor vent with some steel wool and metallic spray paint.

Then came the painting of the door and ceiling. You can really see the contrast of how gross the door was with this picture.

Then stripped the door jam of paint and fixed the door hinges so the door would close.

Then I went back to the walls and hung chair rail (which was only $8 from Lowe’s) but first I had to cut it using our miter saw that I scored at an auction this past fall.  It was my first time using the miter saw and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty awesome.  I aspire to be like Ana White and I believe this was the first step.

Then filled the nail holes with wood putty and sanded.

I also found these shelves at goodwill for a total of $6, spray painted them black to match the mirror.

And before I could put these shelves up, I needed to find our drill.  And there’s the real reason why this project took me so long to finish.  The drill went missing.  No where to be found.  It was very frustrating.  We concluded that someone stole it.  It’s sad and disappointing but I borrowed my dad’s drill and finished this project.  Here is the final reveal.


It’s so crisp and white and clean. I love it. Here is before/after again. Just because I can.


I love it! I still need to add some more items to our shelves (again, my weakness) and maybe a small rug for the sink but overall this project turned out well and really gave the bathroom some extra dimension.  By the way, this is the longest blog post ever but I’ve been gone for 2 months, this post is making up for lost time.

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