Crochet Awesomeness

My grandmother taught me and my cousins (the girls, not so sure any of the boys wanted anything to do with that) how to crochet before she passed. I don’t know if it was so much a dying wish but my grandma had cancer and she knew she didn’t have long so she crocheted to keep herself busy. She made each of her children (all 12 of them) a blanket and it wasn’t soon after her last blanket was finished, she left this world for a better one.  As for the status of my blanket that I started with my grandmother, its still only about 4 feet long and the colors of my high school alma mater (blue and white = Buccaneer pride!).  I probably won’t ever finish it but since then I did make a baby blanket for a co-worker that turned out fantastic!
So when I spotted this crochet awesomeness I had to share.  Plus, I love randomly awesome street art.  Check out Olek and the Charging Bull on Wall Street.

And the video on how she did it in 2 hours.

As for my absence with posts in 2012, I will be back in March full throttle. I just have to take this minor break to do what Accountants do best, work all night while in-taking insane amounts of caffeine and essentially getting those financial statements audited.  Wish me luck, only a little bit longer.  I know my husband will be happy to see me again in March.

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