another post about wall art

Our house received a huge furnishing makeover over Christmas break (break because I was off work for 17 days and looking back, I don’t think it was enough).  Our first addition happened 3 days before Christmas.  Our dining room table that was back-ordered from Crate and Barrel back before Thanksgiving, finally arrived.  And the chairs and rug we got 3 days before that, from Ikea .  It was a whole dining room transformation.

Our next piece of furniture is this table I took from my parents house (it was my grandmother’s make-up table and was just sitting idle at my parents so I snagged it up).

It needs a lamp to balance out the shapes and height but it is soooo nice to have something to put your keys on.

My parents also bought us this nice chair (I actually called them on black Friday when I was out shopping with my mother-in-law asking if they wanted to buy Andy and me a chair for Christmas…it was only $150 so I knew they’d go for it! Thanks again Mom and Dad).

With the new furniture, our house feels more like home. It’s more furnished and warm.  However, we still need some wall hangings.  It’s by far the hardest part about decorating our house.  I’m just not very good at deciding what to do.  So over break I was determined to find some photos for over our couch.

I picked up some frames from Goodwill, spray-painted them white and began my search for fillers.

My favorite frame is this one.  I found these vintage stencils at the Country Living Fair in Columbus this past fall and have been waiting to figure out what to do with them.  I absolutely love them!

The next two are just pictures I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off.

This one is a picture of a moss covered wall in Paris.  I actually printed this picture after my trip back from Paris in 2008! How crazy that I had this picture printed for that long and have done nothing with it until now. But it’s another one that I love.

With all of these small to mid size frames, I knew I needed a large frame to fill the space above the couch.  I found a gold one at Goodwill and spray-painted it white.  Then went to town on creating a chevron pattern.  The frame I found actually came with a bunch of thick cardboard which was perfect for this project.

I grabbed two paint samples that we had lying around.  I first painted the board a soft gray color.  Let it dry and then busted out the painters tape to create the pattern.

Then I painted.

And here is the finished product, the last picture to the puzzle.  I was nervous about the two colors I’d chosen but I think it turned out well.

Oh and notice that throw, I snagged it at Goodwill last week for only $3.50! Gosh I love that place.  Don’t worry dad, I threw it in the dryer on high heat to make sure that if there were bed bugs, they were zapped.

It’s not much added to the wall but its a start.  All I know is that this process of decorating bare walls is one of my biggest struggles.

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