The last of Christmas 2011

We took down all of our Christmas decorations this past week.  The only thing left were the cards hung on our door.

We didn’t get as many Christmas cards as last year and I didn’t send as many out as I did last year either so all in all, it evens out.  Andy sometimes blames me for hoarding and I will admit, I do have some hoarding tendencies.  So when Andy asked “what about the Christmas cards?”, it was no surprise to him that I said to keep them, especially since most of them were picture cards.  I actually found this idea a couple of months ago and knew exactly what I wanted to do with the cards (I actually wanted to compile a book for all of our wedding cards that are currently just sitting in a box gaining dust).  Ashley over at The Creative Place is to credit for this idea, I just modified it for me.

I first started by cutting all of the folded cards down the center and using double-sided tape, taped the back of the cover to the back of the card so that the card would be one piece.

I then used a hole punch and punched two holes in each of the cards.

I added ring binders, ribbon and a cover from scrapbook paper.  And there you go. Quick and easy and full of memories from 2011.

 So there it is. My little book of cards.  Christmas has officially been put away.  It’s sad but I know it will be back.

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