Another Joyful Engagement

Well one of my best friends got engaged over the Christmas holiday.  Cristy and I met in college and lived together for about 3 years during that time.  With our grown up schedules and commitments these days, we don’t always see each other as often as we would like but she is still one of my best friends today.  She is the one who convinced me to go skydiving, one who is always there with good advice, and one whom when I pick her up to go to Keenland, has on the same outfit as me (great minds think alike).

And then there is this picture that I just love. Oh our freshman UC days.

And who is she marrying? A great guy whom I also met in college.  That’s actually how Cristy and Matt met, during their days living in Daniels hall as a couple of freshman.  Although they didn’t start dating until later in their college life, Matt was always apart of our group of friends.  And even though Matt is now marrying Cristy, he will always be my Bob Barker.

And now they are getting married and I am so excited. Too excited probably.

Anyways, this post is all about what to get as an engagement present.  Cristy and I met for lunch last week (to discuss the proposal of course) and I was scurrying around that morning for a gift.  I had a few things in mind like a bridal planning book or magazines or champagne but it seemed like every store I went into, I couldn’t find what I wanted.  So here’s a breakdown of what I actually went with.

I first grabbed a plain white photo box I had lying around and filled it with the following:

1 – An “L” wax letter seal and silver wax at Michaels in the Wedding section (Cristy’s last name will be Lobaugh)
2 – The latest copy of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine
3 – A bunch of Hershey kisses
4 – The Knot Book of Lists, with complete lists of everything a bride should know for the big day
5 – Double-sided scotch tape for those pictures you print out of the magazine and tape to a journal or bridal book
6 – Post-it flags to mark those “like” pages in magazines

I then tied the box with some black and white ribbon and I was off to meet my friend for lunch.  And it was a great lunch.  A lot of catching up occurred.

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