12 Days of Christmas – the cardboard

Well today is the final Christmas ornament and probably one of my favorite ornaments I’ve made this year.  I found these cardboard type ornaments at Hobby Lobby for $0.50 each so I picked up a few.  Actually too many.  I bought a total of 8 and only ended up using 2…womp womp womp.

My first approach was to try to paint them using acrylic paint.  It didn’t work too well since the cardboard soaked in the paint quicker than pancakes soak up syrup, which meant the paint never dried it’s true color.  Another womp womp womp.

So my next approach was glitter, go figure.  I used Elmers glue but you could also use mod podge.  I used a paint brush and covered the ornament with a good amount of glue.

I then broke out the glitter and had fun.

The next one I used twine.  I had bought a roll for wrapping presents (post to come) and thought why not use it for an ornament.  And this is where the comment from above comes in, this is probably my favorite ornament that I’ve made this year.  I simply started at the top by wrapping the twine around the ornament and using the hot glue gun to hold the twine in place.

So there it is. The last of this year’s ornament collection.  It’s been fun but I am glad that it is over so I can go back to focusing on other projects (like wall art).  So here is a recap of all the ornaments I made this year.

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