Christmas Decoration Traditions

We all have our different traditions and customs, especially during the Holidays and especially in our decorations.  Decorating for the Christmas season not only makes your house look great, but they remind you what the season is all about.  For me, I wasn’t ready for Christmas until these next two decorations were out and up.

The first one is our nativity scene. When we were younger, my mom would bring out each piece of the nativity during the Christmas season.  For example, we started with Mary and Joseph.  A few days later, the shepherds came.  On Christmas day, baby Jesus appeared.  Then January 6th, the wise men appeared.  As kids, it kept us anticipating the next appearance.  Another thing we did when we were kids was have an empty manger and for every good deed we did, we were able to put a piece of straw into the manger.  The goal was to have a comfy manger for baby Jesus’ arrival.  I hope to pass these traditions onto my children someday.  But until then, I do put a nativity scene out every year.  Here it is this year.

Another tradition/custom is the advent candles.  It’s basically four candles and one candle is lit each of the four Sundays before Christmas.  It’s sort of a countdown to Christmas and one that I love.  So for this year’s advent candle piece, I simply took four white candles, some leftover gold berries from my Christmas wreath and a red tray I just had lying around.

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