12 Days of Christmas – the snow ball

Only three more days of ornaments left.  So here goes, #9.  I love snow, I associate winter and even Christmas with snow.  It’s ironic because I don’t know the last time there was actually snow on Christmas in southern Ohio.  I mean the high today is 45 degrees, that’s crazy.  It makes you think twice about global warming.  Anyways, back to ornaments.  These two ornaments are all about snow.

The first one is made with mod podge and that fake snow you find all over stores.

I simply applied a thick coat of mod podge and packed the snow to the ornament.  It was actually kinda fun.  It was like building a mini snowman, but indoors where it’s warm.

The next ornament I used this stuff called Snow-Tex.  I stumbled upon this stuff at Michaels in the same aisle as the mod podge and figured I’d try it out.  The directions were simply, apply and let dry.  I don’t have any pictures of this ornament as it was kinda messy applying the snow to the ornament.  I used a brush and I think it would have gone better with one of those sponge brushes.  Lesson learned.

So here are the two snow ball ornaments.

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