Sweater Tree Skirt

Since we have two trees this year, I needed to find a tree skirt.  I went with fur for our first tree and wanted another warm vibe for this tree.  I had researched options on Pinterest but nothing really caught my eye until I stumbled upon this at Goodwill.

It is a women’s sweater cape and I just loved the warm vibe it gave off.  It even felt cozy on.

The one thing I didn’t like was the frill at the bottom.  That was the first to go.

I then created a tree skirt template out of some muslin I had (based on another tree skirt in order to figure out size).  I then wrapped the sweater around the muslin to form a shape.  I pinned the sweater to the muslin and got out the sewing machine.  At this point, I wasn’t too sure what I was going to do with the back of the tree skirt but as this tree skirt is for our tree in the living room, where Barkley is, who is in a major chewing mode, I wasn’t really concerned with this skirt lasting longer than a year or even looking great.

Once I started the sewing, I was actually able to use the leftover sweater for the back of the skirt.  It’s not the most aesthetic skirt ever, but for our needs, it works.



I actually love the idea of buttons and sweaters combined.  Hopefully incorporate this look into some pillows I’ve been trying to make for this Christmas season.  Here is a picture of our tree.  Not so much a good picture of the tree skirt but standing back, I am liking it.  It was a quick fix for our tree without a tree skirt.


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