12 Days of Christmas – the random one $

This ornament originates from the randomness I stumbled upon at goodwill and Michaels.  First one comes from Goodwill.  I found these silver words for $0.50 each.

They were a little beat up with scratches everywhere but I had the perfect solution.  It involves sparkes.  I warned you that this year’s ornaments involve a ton of sparkes.  I took some mod podge and Martha Stewart glitter and hung them to dry.

I don’t have many pictures of this process as my battery on my camera died in the middle of the mod podge/glitter application. But here is the finished product.

Ok now for the second randomness.  I spotted this little guy while waiting in the checkout line of Michaels.  He was only $1 and too cute to pass up.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with this little guy until I took him hold and admired him some more.  I decided to make him an ornament.  I simply took a safety pin and made a hole in his top hat.

I then used it to stuff some ribbon in.  It was a snug fit that I didn’t need to glue it in or tie it down.  Worked like a charm.

Here’s a recap.

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