it’s in the cards

Andy and I are late in sending out Christmas cards. I was up til midnight last night putting the finishing touches on them. Last year, I made cards with scrapbook paper and ribbon. This year, I took a different approach. I never really liked the photo cards simply because I felt it weird to send a picture of myself to someone else. I’m not really photogenic either so if I did send a picture, I was afraid people would have labeled it as one of those awkward family photos you see streaming around the internet when in reality it was a normal picture for me. And I don’t have kids yet so that option has also always been out.

So this year, since we have Barkley, I decided our card would be all about him. He’s like my child, I mean I do feed, groom and love him just like I would a child. So my original idea was to get a good picture of him sitting down so I could then photoshop some reindeer antlers onto him. Well the problem is that sometimes Barkley gets the command “sit” confused with “down” (aka lay down). So this was the best shot of that idea.  Also, my camera isn’t the best for action shots so about 99.9% of the shots I did take were so blurry and unusable.

Well I decided, with Andy’s help, to move the photoshoot from the kitchen to the living room where I could at least capture a Christmas tree in the background.  The winning method was sacrificing one ornament from our tree to put in front of him to focus.  Andy was there in the background telling Barkley to “leave it” and I was there next to Andy snapping photo after photo hoping for a good one.  Well we finally got a shot.  I uploaded that bad boy to Snapfish and made the cards that night to be printed at Meijer the next morning.  I now present our 2011 Christmas Card.
He looks like a dog out of a professional magazine.  He is a champion, as you remember that his breed won the working class in the dog show this year.  Also, did you notice the chewed up ornament in front of him.  Here is a better picture of the damage…my poor ornament.
I also made a Holiday card for my family below.  Mainly as a joke but still was trying to convince my mom to send these out. It’s a little nontraditional but super fun.
So there is my 2011 Christmas card experience.  My goal is to next year start a little earlier than a week before Christmas.

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