Pinterest Wreath Transformed

Remember back to the fall Pinterest challenge where I made this wreath….

Well until this past Sunday, it was still hanging on our front door.  So I got busy in transforming it into something a little more festive for the Holidays.  I made sure that I attached everything with wire so that I could change out the flowers and W at any time of the year.  So I removed the flowers and hit up Michaels and their 50% off all Christmas decorations and found these.

I began by cutting the stem down (it was super long) and just started pushing the stem into the wreath and manipulating the gold berry’s to fill the wreath.

I did secure the berries to the wreath by tying it off with some wire.  It was too small to even notice.

I continued around the whole wreath.

And then hung the finished product.

It’s very festive and I love the touch of gold the wreath gives off.  One thing I don’t love is our front door.  My fall goal was to paint it but never got around to it.  It’s like a burnt orangish-red that is not very pleasant on the eyes.  Maybe by next spring Andy and I will have enough money saved to just replace the whole door…maybe something like a black door with windows on the top, that’s what I’m feeling at this moment, although my feelings on doors changes with every season.  This fall I was thinking a Firehouse Red color, and this spring will probably be a gray color….so who knows what color our door will actually end up.

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