12 Days of Christmas – the no mess glitz

Today’s ornament comes from Everyday Cricut, where you can get the glitter fabulousness in an ornament without the mess.  All you need is clear ornaments, craft glitter (I used Martha Stewart glitter), Pledge floor wax with Future shine, a funnel and ribbon.

Start by putting a healthy amount of the floor wax into the ornament.  Swirl it around so that it covers all sides.  Pour out the extra wax back into the bottle.
Next, use a funnel and pour a healthy amount of glitter into the funnel/ornament.  Don’t worry about wasting glitter, you will be able to pour out all the extra glitter back into the original bottle.  These ornaments don’t take much glitter but you do want to make sure you have enough to cover the whole inside because pouring more glitter in will give you streaks and not be that finished look you will want.

Roll the ornament in your hands to spread the glitter around.  When its coated, you can put your finger on the top of the ornament and shake it to make sure the glitter gets in all of the crevasses.  Pour the extra glitter back into the bottle. Let them dry for about 10 minutes before putting the cap back on.   

Add a ribbon and admire the beautiful ornaments.

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